Sword Art Online 14


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30 Responses to “Sword Art Online 14”

  1. Brylon says:

    thanks for the speedy release as always! SAO so fun :D

  2. mascthemoney says:

    did you guys drop shinsekai?

  3. Dazed_and_Contused says:

    [Commie] Sword Art Online – 14 [36547BAF].mkv, Nyaa green field

    [Commie] Sword Art Online – 14 [A377AAA6].mkv, Nyaa blue field


  4. AMg says:

    The ending of Aincrad. That’s how I’d imagine it.

  5. gravvy says:

    Whoaa… That was… amazing..

    Thanks for doing this series sooo soo much.

  6. Catastrophe says:

    good example of a show that starts pathetically weak but manages to end (lol j/k, not rly) on a decent note.
    thanks for the subs ya communist bastards


  7. LY says:

    In regards to the opening at around 02:18. Shouldn’t it be “I wanna always be with you” instead of “I always wanna be with you”?

  8. Zaton says:

    Hold the fuck on. So this wasn’t the last episode?

  9. Daniel says:

    Are you guys doing everything Crunchyroll does?

  10. ShadowBlade says:

    Thanks for the fast release!
    Looking forward for the next arc ^^

  11. Force Gaia says:

    Is there any chance of you guys doing Bakuman 3?
    As I’m not sure which groups are going to do it as the previous groups who have subbed it have all closed i believe

  12. Harbinger says:

    I was staring at the timer and murmuring “Don’t you dare end it there… DON’T YOU DARE!” while it was ticking down towards the end. Was insanely happy when I saw there’d be another episode :D!

    Thanks for the release, btw!

  13. Jar says:

    SoA is boss. Pun most definitely intended.

  14. Catchika says:

    Hey, thanks for subbing! Great work! Although, in 09:49, I think it should’ve been “Mortal Object” instead? :D

  15. DXM says:

    to Alfheim!