Sword Art Online 23


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14 Responses to “Sword Art Online 23”

  1. CaeX says:

    First, fuck you herkz

  2. Kirby_422 says:

    Swag Art Online where? We missed it AGAIN?..

  3. Jarhead says:

    Commie does the unexpected. Swag Art Online was expected. >_>

  4. AMg says:

    Now, the battle to save Asuna, the entire population of ALO and perhaps the world from mind-control subjugation will reach its climax.

    Heck, this quest raid is lot better that The Skullreaper boss raid (in anime sense although my eyes saw some of the scenes being recycled).

  5. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  6. Tornado15550 says:

    Yet another awesome release by an awesome subbing group!
    Keep it up!!

  7. Jarhead says:

    Gotta give it credit though. The only show I know of with less recycling going on is Horizon. Which I marathoned and it was good.