Sword Art Online 25 END


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  1. Goldfire says:

    Thanks for the season, Commie.

  2. kuro says:

    Thanks for the hard work!!! I’ve been waiting for this since the previous episode!!!

  3. Malific says:


    It’s over ;o;

    Hopefully they’ll do the rest as well.

    • Pantslesskyle says:

      I don’t know if there’s really enough material in the Phantom Bullet arc to justify another season. Maybe once Alicilization finishes, but until then… (I think if they do, it might be a series of OVAs)

      • herkz says:

        that never stopped anyone

        • Malific says:

          I bet they could easily do a 12-13 series on Phantom Bullet, If they would just slow down a little.

          Like AMg said they seem to have rushed the series quite a bit. Aincrad could easily have been 25 Episodes by itself. There were so many times I was watching and thinking “they completely skipped this point” or “I can’t believe they crammed that entire plot line into a single episode.”

          Would have been better to pair PB and FD in a 25 Arc rather than Aincrad and FD. I was rather upset they skipped the entire Jötunheimr section too.

          To me it’s not they they don’t have enough content to do it. It’s that they would try to cut out so much they wouldn’t have enough left over.

          • AMg says:

            WARNING: Spoilers ahead

            If they made Aincrad into one season anime run, the ending of 75th floor battle will have more impact to the viewers than the anime did. Too bad they jumped back to post-Aincrad without any break between. As for that little Jotunheim adventure, I’m guessing they gonna retcon in one of the special OVA bundled with the DVD/bluray release if they gonna do the raid party to that particular region in the future series.

            I’m envisioned that Phantom Bullet is made into 6/8/10-parts OVA. It kinda fitting to make it that way, considering the time skip between Fairy Dance and Gun Gale Online (approx 10 months). Mother’s Rosario is meant to be adapt into 24-episode run. If they gonna do that, the pacing of anime might slow and not to the liking of some of the viewers. One thing for sure, they gonna do the Alicization arc AFTER Kawahara-san finish writing them.

  4. Orcus says:

    And from this day forth, Fugiman cried tears of joy that filled the lakes of all the lands.


  5. Furyform says:

    Y U LATE?!? Thanks for the season. The last few eps sprung leaks in my face.

  6. Amatsumagatsuchi says:


  7. Aofylian says:

    Season 2!!! Season 2!!! Me want more SAO T.T

  8. Amatsumagatsuchi says:

    I want to play a game.

  9. Gilgamesh says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind being trapped in a death game like SAO :>

  10. Amatsumagatsuchi says:

    Hello Officer Rigg. Welcome to your rebirth. For years you have stood by and witnessed as your colleges have fallen. You have remained untouched, while Eric Matthews has disappeared. But with your survival, became your obsession. Obsession to stop those around you for making the wrong choices. Thus, preventing you from making the right ones. You wanted to save everyone. TONIGHT, I give you the oppurtunity to face your obsession. Look closely. Eric Matthews is still alive. The block of ice he stands upon, is melting. He has BUT 90 minutes to save himself. Detective Hoffma’s fate is linked to Eric’s survival. Heed my warning, Officer Rigg. Their lives hang in the balance of your obsession. Will you learn how to let go and truly save them? The choice is yours.

  11. Nanako says:

    Ohh thanks!
    By the way, did you guys translate The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc?

  12. AMg says:

    Hmmm… From the casual anime viewer, it’s entertaining at very least. Just they need to explain all the game mechanics since not everybody who watch this are into MMO. And, things got a bit cliche after Aincrad arc which might shunned some of the avid anime viewer to enjoy it.

    From original material/LN reader standpoint, I have a mixed feelings about the adaptation. Sure, you cannot 100% fit the world envisioned by Kawahara-san in his writing into a standard 25 episodes run. There will be some alteration, cut backs and creative liberty to boot but still there are many room for improvement especially during Aincrad arc. They rushing it and leaving some details that important to the readers (especially the side stories) and make the casual viewer left in the darkness.

    However, they did good with the Fairy Dance arc. Taking the time to connect viewer the struggle Kirito must face to save his love companion and relationship between him and her cousin. It goes similar to what I’ve imagined if they adapt the arc. Still, they left out few important in that arc.

    Overall, it’s a good anime but I’m strongly recommend those who never heard of series and want to pick this to read the LN first.

    • Csiko says:

      There are a lot of psychological complications and philosophical questions that could have easily been asked in a death game-like scenario, in either game. From my understanding this is touched on a little bit in the LN, but gets nearly completely thrown aside in the show in favor of hurr harem antics.

      A lot of people also seemed to find character behavior very unbelievable. I would suggest any of those people to actually play any end-game progression-oriented MMO.

  13. Harbinger says:

    Heh, so for almost half a year now I’ve been looking forward to each new episode every week.
    Looks like I’m going to have to find a new one O.O.

  14. bbo says:

    dat technology. I want it. I want it fucking now.

    > play until you die.

  15. XXZXX says:

    Some cruel person had added the new harem addition from GGO to the cast section on anidb, so I had been holding out for even maybe just a cameo, but alas it was not to be. Or maybe I just missed it.
    I started playing an MMO at the same time they started SAO to see if I could keep up with Kirito’s level. Only made it to 60 by this week. I’m a failure of a fangirl. Thanks for the weekly nonsense video gamin’ animu.

    “NPCs aren’t just 3D objects like trees or rocks!”

    • Meh says:

      …You DO realize that you have ~20 months to go, don´t you?^^

      And thanks for subbing my favourite show of the season(s) Commie :D

    • AMg says:

      I think they unintentionally slipped that Phantom Bullet casting (probably tentative but not finalize yet) list that been picked up by avid anime/manga blogger or insider which are meant for next installment. Which alarmed me that they gonna squeeze three different arcs into 25 or probably non-conventional episode run at first. Luckily, they decide to focus on Aincrad and its closure.

  16. a gigantic faggot who watched SAO from start to finish says:

    i think there should be zero seasons of SAO

    look at your leechers
    look at yourselves
    it’s like something died in everyone involved with SAO

  17. Godcore says:

    Hey. I extracted the .ass, but when I opened it on Aegisub, it only has one line on it. What gives?