Sword Art Online Extra (Shitty) Edition


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44 Responses to “Sword Art Online Extra (Shitty) Edition”

  1. Sumatori-kun says:

    Y U DO DIS

  2. xDev says:

    wtf u accualy did this

  3. jimmy says:

    Thanks for killing anime again, Commie.

  4. tyson says:

    rip whoever worked on this release

  5. bblox says:

    trollsubs or are they grading the quality?

    also, SAO II (FPS arc) confirmed.
    commie doing it?

  6. Muyu says:

    Commie confirmed for shit taste.

  7. Warbec says:

    Finally a Commie sub that I will probably like

  8. well says:

    No songs?

  9. anon-kun says:

    It has already been about 1.5 years worth of days since SAO began gloping.

  10. Anifan says:

    didn’t really like this “ep” – was just a recap with about 1 ep of new material :/

    • alexvrb says:

      No doubt. I was like “It’s SAO, how can it not be good??”

      But then it sucked. If they’re going to release anything SAO why not later arcs (why end on ALO of all things). OR cover random noobs playing in SAO and getting killed in an epic fashion. I think it would be badass to cover foreigners who got into the beta using illicit means (false address, etc) and they form a guild but only one of them speaks any Japanese. :D

      “What did the giant faceless asshole in the robes say?”

      “Uh… the logout button is broken? Something about no respawns… like hardcore mode? Have to make a new character or something if you die?”


  11. china says:

    best commie

  12. wat says:

    seem legit

  13. Laxx says:

    It’s the special Commie Limited Edition, don’t miss it.

  14. dannyboy says:

    This release gave me cancer.

  15. tada says:

    Will you sub Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road? :)

  16. Newfriend says:


    Please sub the 2nd season as well

  17. Phoenicius says:

    Why did you guys even sub this? It was so shit, and we all know it. No offense. Besides you can stream it from CRoll; and don’t worry about the quality, it’s not like it could get any worse.

  18. 2ColouredEyes says:

    For winter, aside from what’s on the future plans (5), do you have anything planned where Vale is the TL?


  19. frost says:

    Keep on pissing angry nerds, SAO.

  20. H_B says:

    Yo, guys, thanks for release. Will you finish SAOffline (including the Extra one)?

  21. Whatever says:

    Thank You. Are you guys planning on doing the Mushishi special that came out today?

  22. Daedalron says:

    At around 1h30, some adds for another anime, etc. were left in the release.

  23. S. says:

    Oh c’mon guys. If you went in knowing it was largely recap, it wasn’t that shitty.

    They still should have used a legitimate side story instead of making up crap for the extra little story. To their credit though, it does feel stylistically consistent with the Excalibur quest.

    Okay, who am I kidding? It was shit.

  24. Yue says:

    … I actually quite enjoyed this… Even if it was recap and filler, this coming from someone who also read the books.
    Haters gonna hate I guess.

  25. blankaex says:

    At about 1:25:34, I think 「ウォーターブレッシング」 is meant to be water blessing, not breathing.

  26. Xall says:

    I srsly dont get, whats wrong with it.