Sword Art Online II 01


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9 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 01”

  1. flupperman says:

    WAIT WHAT?! second season?! what!? how the hell did i miss that?!

  2. RedBreadcat says:


  3. Malific says:

    Woot! TY guys!

    Now i don’t have to watch horribad subs of this with my wife.

  4. AMg says:

    New e-bewbs for Kirito. A feisty one too. All his current harem are being relegate to supporting role. Heh.

  5. sesbio says:

    Missing line at 3:33, just a head’s up.

    BTW, thanks for picking up the 2nd season too.

    • Gunshi says:

      ^ I second this~
      Also when kazuto’s reading his cellphone at 8:31, what does it say? And did you purposely leave the ed untranslated?


  6. AMg says:

    This kinda related…


    Killin’ mlgpro players, one bullet at a time.

    As I predicted, they added an entry in imfdb. And, the OP is dead give away to what will happen in the course of Phantom Bullet arc.

    I hope this gonna be fun…

  7. shyz says:

    Not enough ass-shots in this episode..