Sword Art Online II 14


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17 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 14”

  1. bbo says:

    i dont get it.
    was that the remote heartrate monitor the nurse attached when he was diving?

  2. racoon1211 says:

    Happens every time ^^’
    Those damn sensorpads are so sticky and it’s easy to forget some of them to remove…

  3. AMg says:

    I’m guessing the next episode would be a recap of Phantom Bullet arc. Let’s hope not

  4. sp says:

    It is.

    Caliber starts on October 18th. Mother’s Rosario on November 8th.

    You get to be tortured by ALO again, but you get Sinon with cat ears.

    • RoflCat says:

      And tail.

      Which Kirito touched.

      She was not amused.

      But she got her revenge in the end, a very very sweet one.

  5. Zetsumei says:

    I never did end up finishing Mother’s Rosario. All I heard was it was a really depressing ending and at the time I wasn’t interested in reading a depressing story :/

    • AMg says:

      Neither do I. Mother’s Rosario arc will feature Asuna as the main character and it gonna be shoujo like drama.

  6. Static says:

    why has it been an entire week since 14.5 aired and commie hasn’t released it yet? I sure hope they haven’t dropped this series already :/

  7. Kane says:

    What is up with episode 15? It looks to be ready but isnt being released?

  8. Kane says:

    lol. Alright, thanks anyway