Sword Art Online II 15


skiddiks: releasing things is hard

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13 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 15”

  1. Warrof says:

    Finally!!! Thanks!!

  2. Fulbring says:

    Wow…The amount of effort put into this OP. Damn…

    *slowly claps*

  3. Niwozawa says:

    Alfheim is the new Minecraft.

  4. glopper says:

    it’s beautiful

  5. Smug says:

    The scenes from the Minecraft esque logo, those wouldn’t happen to be from hollow fragment would they either way it looks great.

  6. soloblast says:


  7. desu says:

    Not funny enough,needs more memes. First OP’s typesetting was better. 2/10

    Actually though, that was a pretty great job.

  8. wohdin says:

    OP subs were well worth the wait

    thank you based commie

  9. Minachi says:

    That was pretty good.

  10. AMg says:

    The OP isn’t as irritating than the first one. The typesetting are clean and pretty blend in with the animation.

    What a nice way to retcon Kirito, Leafa and Yui misadventure before reaching Arun. Though, non-reader will be confuse of how they found the alternate route to Jotunheim.

  11. I love the new OP you made Commie it’s fantastic! <3 CommieSubs