Sword Art Online II 24 END


Dozo: RIP

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21 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 24 END”

  1. Martin says:

    Thank you.

  2. Chinateh says:

    Fuck this show.

    Gintama in April!!!

  3. AMg says:

    Good. Now I can marathon the Mother Rosario arc.

    Enjoy your holidays, guys.

  4. jeison_kun says:


  5. Slit says:

    Thanks for all your work

  6. Xall says:

    I didn’t feel anything while watching this arc, am I a bad person now?

  7. Anon says:

    I survived SAO S2.

  8. Shinji10TH says:

    Well, some anime studios can afford to waste 24 episodes without caring, while others struggle to get enough money for 10 even with a good plot.

    • Anon says:

      It’s SAO, people will buy it regardless because of the franchise (and possibly the first cour being the “action arc”.

  9. Anifan says:

    it’s over, can anyone summaries this arc for me? i got as far as them being atop a flying elephantjellyfish and a rather large woman gave them a quest… wondering whether to cannon watch it like i did LH yesterday or just file under archive

    • bbo says:

      first half of S2, ragnarök. All ice giants invading from underworld and shit.

      second half, girl with aids is given happy memorys in her last months of life.

      this episode? TEARJERKING.

      • RoflCat says:

        First half was trap Kirito suffering cuz he can’t remember the name of some guy, and some dude killing people with a magic gun. And Shion happened.
        (Btw the reason he can’t remember the guy’s name and the truth of the magic gun are both stupid yet realistic)

        Then a few episodes of Calibur, Kirito and harem + Klein go on a quest to get a sword that he hardly use cuz too op. Also more Shion happened.

        Then the last 1/3rd is Mother Rosario, the FEELS arc. Also Kirito not the main character this time.

  10. Malific says:

    *Light Spoilers*

    Quest from big woman draws from norse mythology about the end of the world, it will actually destroy the game world if they don’t beat it.

    After that we move into the arc with the 6 other players that Asuna teams up with and they teach her some life lessons with “plot” (real plot not booby plot) about how to deal with her strict/overbearing mother.

    All in all I enjoyed it.

  11. flupperman says:

    next time, dive technology helps Ebola patients and revolutionizes Cyber Sex

  12. anon-kun says:

    Actually made me cry [spoiler];_;[/spoiler]

  13. smilr says:

    Yup – shotgunned the Mother Rosario arc. Why do you help people DO such a thing Commie? Why did you have to let me bawl for the entirety of this last episode? Sankyuu for all the feels.

  14. sharm says:

    Aoi Yuuki’s best performance as a voice actress yet i dare say… Thanks commie for subbing this (though ggo was a total let down, lol)