Symphogear 2

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21 Responses to “Symphogear 2”

  1. T2 says:

    lol, i think will Persona 4 A,

  2. mascthemoney says:

    more exploding hearts?

  3. Choco says:

    No Persona 4 today I presume? :<

  4. LoL Icon says:

    Yeah, another NanaMizukiMahouShojo~! Thanks a lot commie guys :D

  5. blargan says:

    So you guys decided you wanted to compete with GG?

  6. anon-niisama says:

    So have you guys reached your tether for this season? No chance of throwing us a bone with Papa Kikinasai?

    Though I guess HorribleSubs isn’t so bad…

  7. Break says:

    anyoen else noticed how this is kidna similar to xenosaga. especially the noise, they remind me an awful lot of the gnosis. especially the way how they are invulnerable to normal attacks, and have tose otherworldy colors.. and sicne they change their colors when a symphogear appears, i suppose they work just like the gnosis, in the way that they are only halfway in ou dimention and therefore invulnerable, and that the symphogear’s “pull” them fully in our dimension so that their actual physical bodies are vulnerable. get what i mean? thats the feelign i get.

  8. Tutturu says:

    I’m just wondering if you’re going to update your project list or not.

  9. NoGoodTuna says:

    thanks, love this anime, love you all for doing it!

  10. Kail says:

    Just curious, how hard is it to sub this show with all the tri-languages chants/songs?

    And on a side note, creepy ED is creepy.

  11. Archfiend says:

    Got ep 2 from GG sub. No Sub for song, so I’ll get yours.

  12. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    Quite the difference in editing between this and GetWet’s release.

  13. ugh says:

    This is 10-bit, and you forgot to mark it in the filename, like everyone else does. This shit is impossible to play on anything but a PC. Thanks for wasting the time of every WD TV user and every other set-top player, by using bleeding edge crap that nothing actually supports.

    Basic shit, guys. Basic shit.