Symphogear 3

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As Fileserve is as good as dead, I don’t see much reason in putting up DDL links anymore.


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  1. anon says:

    Give uploadstation a try.

  2. random says:

    >Also, we recommend all other groups to move to Uploadstation as well. They have the same lax limitations on up- and downloads as Fileserve, pay better and also support directly transfering your files over from Fileserve.

  3. Qrius says:

    So you’re thinking all the hosting online services will go down now, just like all the torrent trackers went down with ThePirateBay? That’s bad… :(

  4. N says:

    Meh, Fileserve’s always been super-slow for me but I truly can’t use BT on my network, so I’ll probably continue to take advantage of Anime Tosho…

  5. oBb says:

    starting a thread upon the actual episode here, these animations are horrible. did they let the interns animate 13:45 to 13:58 or what? *shudders*

    Sure, I can’t even draw a hotdog, but I’ve seen enough stuff to claim I can discern between good and bad.

    • Margaan says:

      Part of the function of this show is actually to train in new animators… some of whom may not have jobs after the series is over…

    • ghli says:

      I thought she was skipping, than i realized the context didn’t call for it and I laughed.

  6. joti says:

    Fileserve is far from my favorite. Still, I had not noticed any change for the worse. Is there a new problem with fileserve?

  7. ls says:

    Wait, what happened to FileServe?
    Or is this what you guys think will happen to FileServe because of Megaupload?

  8. Uldi says:

    The only reason the FBI was able to shut Megaupload down was because they had a server in the US. I don’t think fileserve has one in the US.

  9. Chị 3 says:

    Excuse me, I’m a member of a fansub in VN. Do you have the Romaji Ed of Inu X Boku SS. Because I have trouble listening to it.

  10. Chị 3 says:

    Excuse me, I’m a member of a fansub in VN. Do you have the Romaji Ed of Inu X Boku SS. Because I have trouble listening to it.

  11. macxxx007 says:

    Hmmm… this should be very interesting in the next few weeks… not this show but the whole thing with Megaupload and Fileserve

    Thanks for the episode! Have a good night!

  12. AnonX says:

    Fileserve is taking down files at godspeed. My DDL got taken down in 1 hour lolo.

  13. Arisato-kun says:

    So… am I going to have to try to remember how to use IRC after all these years in order to get good DL speeds again? Sigh… Megaupload… come baaaaaaack to me…

  14. xfri says:

    What happen to persona 4?

  15. Michael says:

    Can you upload to multiupload instead? It is one of the few that my university doesn’t block, also they block torrents and XDCC.

  16. Geocide says:

    lol Kinda good. I fucking hate shitty Fileserve anyway. Always have to download something at least 3 times to get it all since it cuts off halfway in the download.

    I’m with Michael, too. My school blocks torrents, too.

  17. n says:

    try mediafire

  18. anonymous says:

    my school blocks every torrent tracker but bakabt, lol

  19. Rainbows says:

    I’m going to just say that I also can’t download torrents since my university will jump at the chance to fine the everliving shit out of me. There must be other options than Fileserve… :U

  20. ' , ' A says:

    Would have to venture to other DDL hosting sites… A bit risky… but rewarding if good service comes with it…

    Not affected by torrent blocking… So, thanks for releasing this inspite of the situation with DDL sites… ;)

  21. Kartoffelwurst says:

    Rapidshare.com stepped it up massively.

    >You can upload a file with over 1,5 GBs in size to a single link

    >No waiting time

    >No captchas

    >Full speed downloads

    >Links don’t get taken down

    What else you want, mongrels?

    • anon-niisama says:

      An assurance that they won’t go the way of fileserve the day after I pay for a premium account.

  22. priszero says:

    I have to agree that rapidshare has gotten better than it was.

    btw will you guys drop some show that already taken by other in order to speed up the rest?

  23. anoo says:

    Oh come on, there’s plenty of dedicated ways to do it right from the site.

    If you insist on $$$$$$$$$$ per dl then you’re going to get fucked and torture dl’ers either way.

    Unless you use mediafire..

    • f17u9000 says:

      Nope if you got premium.

      • anoo says:


        I don’t even….

        Seriously, meda fire works well even with parts.

        You also have hidden gems like refile that give speeds that are even faster then MU was to free users…

  24. Faggot says:

    You guys are taking on to much, your release times are slowing to a crawl.

    How many of you are there anyway?

  25. TJ says:

    Well, FileSonic’s done, and Uploaded.to has blocked US IPs. I’m guessing FileServe and FileJungle will be next. Rapidshare’s still slow as all hell, and Mediafire’s still got that 200MB limit. Maybe it is the beginning of the end for filesharing sites.

    Still, I can’t download torrents with my home ISP, and the university network suspends access to anyone downloading suspected copyrighted content through torrents or newsgroups, so for me DDL sites are pretty much the only viable solution. Pretty big dilemma.

  26. Kesra says:

    This DDL stuff sure is getting messy. Here over at Nordsjoen we tried FileSonic right before they died, now I have an annoying PayPal claim.

    We use Fileserve, and I don’t give a shit about getting money for downloads. That said… if they go under, we’ll obviously need to move. We can’t seed nor run an IRC server/bot so DDL is basically all we’ve got.

    Oh, and thanks for the release ;-D

  27. Arisato-kun says:

    So… now all we have left are IRC bots eh?

  28. Kinoko says:

    I don’t do DDL, so I’m a bit out of the loop here. Why are these sites getting screwed with? Is it just that the U.S. government has finally gotten around to trying to shut them down or what?

    Also, why do you say you can’t seed or run an IRC server/bot?

  29. Mike says:

    Yeah… first filesonic now fileserve DEAD. I give them one month until they close their gates forever.
    Let’s be honest … with low prices for storage media and a ton of other “professional” cloud and storage providers… who uses the likes of fileserve to store his own private data when you cannot even share it with friends and family.

  30. Arisato-kun says:

    Well, looks like you’ll just have to upload everything to IRC, and I’ll have to fund you guys through donations… haha… I wish…

    But maybe I will donate something, keep you guys going for a while. Your work is really great, so I’m hoping this little fiasco won’t stop you from providing excellent subs.

    • Kartoffelwurst says:

      Pro-tip: You can already find any Commie release on IRC, you just have to know where to look for. It’s not that hard actually.

  31. mya says:

    What this series seems to be good in is episodes planning, final scenes are such hangers.

  32. vjott says:

    Coalgirls just made an update that they will be discontinuing direct downloads until a more viable solution comes along. They were opting for uploadstation until the site disabled filesharing, same as filesonic.

  33. Prologue says:

    Fileserve is back.