Symphogear G pre-emptively dropped

We can’t compete with this quality.

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41 Responses to “Symphogear G pre-emptively dropped”

  1. Nickienator says:

    It fits the show.

  2. redstar says:

    Wait they made a second season?

    • herkz says:


    • Nickienator says:

      Not yet, this is just a preview. They only announced it. It’ll only take a matter of asking a couple of people on the street for some change for the budget and hiring the drunkest script writers they can find for an afternoon of work before it’s ready to air though.

      jdpedit: I put your take in there somewhere.

  3. Catastrophe says:

    not sue ppl, this HAS TO BE a trollsub to get you guys out of the pic

  4. bitcores says:

    fuck you RHE

  5. Bob says:

    Christ, it’s almost as bad as TVN.

  6. Justinnnnnn says:

    jerks ;(

  7. Anon says:

    Hadena better watch out, these guys look serious.

  8. anime viewer says:

    Time will tell. I have no doubt the animation quality will be better than this 360 resolution web bandwidth preview. The animation should be on par (if not better) than the first season, and if you guys choose not to sub it someone else most definitely will. Therefore I’m not worried.

    • herkz says:

      saying the animation will be better than the first season doesn’t say much since symphogear is a really awful-looking show after like episode 2

      and this post is obviously a joke. work on the autism, buddy

  9. mtm says:

    what’s that big black box in the second ss? did you guys put it there after the ss, or is that part of the subs?

  10. Joestar says:

    >MPC, Windows Vista

    >Dat font

    >Syambian video

    it´s 2007 again?

  11. LDT-A says:

    I always thought of the QUALITY in Symphogear as adding to the experience.

  12. awchie256 says:

    it’s definitely a troll sub. check the site. It barely has anything.

  13. xoleum says:

    lol, their japanese subs show up as squares for me

  14. Nosotsu Subs says:

    johnny_dickpants pls

    Edit du Orcus: Added hyperlinks

  15. EGEF says:

    WHY U DO THIS TO ME????? So will u guys sub it if the quality of the show turned out to be better than the preview?

    • Positron says:

      It’s not about the quality of the show, it’s about the “quality” of the soon-to-be-competing subs.

      Though the show’s quality will be shit just like S1, but that’s a different matter entirely.

    • herkz says:

      are you retarded

  16. oh yes says:

    give them a couple of months
    THEN we’ll see

  17. SomeLoser says:

    generic scifi series with uninspired character designs doesn’t get a release…

  18. Silver21 says:

    commie subs is still the best!!! i don’t care for other subbing groups!!!

    nothing can match commie sub quality