Tales of Zestiria the X 12 END

( `ー´)

Raze: ps we’re not doing s2
Sunako: Edna is still the best
Raze: noko is still wrong
iamevn: same
Sunako: skiddiks a shit
iamevn: not same
Sunako: Who is this nerd even lmao
iamevn: what anime is this again?
Sunako: Boku no Pico
Kyhz: fuck Silver Rath
iamevn: oh that’s a good anime
Sunako: Yeah dude
Raze: you mean the liolaeus
torn: all of u pls
Kyhz: torn come to round 1 tomorrow
Sunako: Guys I just had some Haagen-Dazs, am I an anime yet
Sunako: It was good by the way
torn: maybe. u better not forget my shirt u fgt
Kyhz: http://puu.sh/ruVnX/a2d37a3e72.jpg
Raze: <@duplex> skiddiks-sama meme for me

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8 Responses to “Tales of Zestiria the X 12 END”

  1. Eddard says:


  2. Eddard says:

    Raze: “ps we’re not doing s2” this is true? :(

  3. A_Blind_Man says:

    >KitchenAid knife

    Will that even cut cooked spaghetti?

  4. anon-tan says:

    >ps we’re not doing s2

    Damn. But thanks for doing the first half, at least. I guess I can just edit sub styles and pretend it’s still you guys.

  5. 122aliens says:

    The only thing good that came out of this were the two episodes of Tales of Berseria.