Tari Tari 2



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  1. Esam says:

    <200MB ftw. Thanks!

  2. sen asebi says:

    I pray 8 is Horizon but it’s probably gonna be YuruYuri #2 but it’s more dramatic for Horizon to be the last one released for dramatic effect. You are gonna do Horizon though right? Since you use a Horizon template for your amazing site it would only make sense. And once you release Horizon (if you are), Hadena will of course rip your script so I can understand delaying it for that reason.

    P.S. I fucking LOVE you Xythar and I can’t wait for the SZS BD’s.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Ya we’re doing horizon but we’ll def. be waiting for the CR stream since all our translators have thrown in the towel or want nothing to do with it.

    • Xythar says:

      I wasn’t expecting that, but thanks! I think torchlight and I decided to release them volume by volume so I should have the first couple of episodes ready to go as soon as the encodes are done.

      • sen asebi says:

        Freakin’ awesome dude! It seemed like you were gonna wait for the last BD to be released in August to do a batch, but if you release them as they come, even better! At least that will hold me over until they all finish since apparently Funico isn’t doing a BD since BBT approved (rather quickly I might add) an inferior version w/o any comparison to your superior version which is the one I watched when it aired since you guys actually care about getting releases out on time and GetWetPeeps taking their sweet ass time releasing their version and none of those guys even CARED about the show since there was no pantsu present, but you honestly enjoyed it and I respect that IMMENSELY. Stay Classy Xythar.

      • torch says:

        I haven’t worked on them in like four days. ;A; I’ll get vol 1 encoded and QCed by this week, hopefully.

  3. Koa says:

    Thanks for mass release!
    Appreciate all the work guys =D

  4. scizzer12 says:

    I’ll laugh if 8 is Maria or Nura. Although my best guess is something new like Nobuna. Definitely (sadly) not yuruyuri because it hasn’t aired yet.

  5. Kanoto says:

    another wienner!

    I’m glad I you subbed this (or I wouldn’t have heard of it otherwsise). It’s like K-On! minus the slapstick and substituting elements from Clannad instead.

    also, poor deutsche-boy, getting ignored like that :D

  6. stushi says:

    Weren’t you going to title this as “This and That”? :P

  7. Reso says:

    I’m not lying when I cried at the end of this episode.

    • herkz says:

      うあ゛ぁあ ・゜・(´Д⊂ヽ・゜・ あ゛ぁあぁ゛ああぁぁうあ゛ぁあ゛ぁぁ