TariTari 3, Oda 2, YuruYuri 3, Lagrange 14v2

Tari Tari 3

Oda Nobunaga no Yarou 2

Yuru Yuri ♪♪ 3

Rinne no Lagrange 14 (v2)
Torrent | Patch
Fixes OP/ED/Typesetting

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    BTW it’s ep 3 of loli yuri.

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    BTW it’s ep 3 of loli yuri.

  5. Keven says:

    Still waiting for Hagure Yuusha..

    Thiough Funi only released episode 1, episode 2 and 3 will be released new week according to their schedule.

  6. Man In Black says:

    I’m rather surprised they weren’t any japanese subs for what that spaniard dude was saying.

    • Xagroth says:

      I must say it’s the first time I hear true spanish in a VO anime! And judging by the words, I’d say they used a “neutral” version of spanish (the expressions used do not match what we tend to use here ^^).
      A nice shock, anyway :)

      • Walo says:

        Yep the guy uses some sort of a “neutral” variation, to me it sounds like a mix of argentinian and spaniard spanish. Maybe I can provide some translations if a revision or v2 is planned.

        • herkz says:

          Feel free to. I just left it alone because I don’t know Spanish, but if you come up with something better it’ll be in the batch.

          • Walo says:

            here it is.

            format: [time mark] – [spanish line] = [english translation]

            03:17 – Muestramela un momento, por favor = Let me look at that for a moment, please.

            03:40 – Ha sido un placer = It has been a pleasure.

            03:45 – Oh esto!… No hay ninguna equivocación! = Oh this!… There’s no mistake!

            03:51 – Quien se lo dijera, la mirada, el pelo, también es igual! = Who would have known, those eyes and that hair is the same as her’s!

            03:59 – Pero que bonita! Dulce princesa! = How pretty! Sweet princess!

            04:03 – Un momento! = One moment!

            04:08 – Un momento! = One moment!

            04:10 – Un momento! = One moment!

            04:12 – Un momento! = One moment!

            20:42 – Para! = Stop!

            20:43 – Tengo alto importante que decirte! = I have something important to tell you!

            20:47 – Hoy no regreses, escuchame! = Don’t run away today, listen to me!


            the line at 03:51 is not a literal translation but a close approximation. I took some liberties so it would make sense in english, the meaning is the same though. The literal translation for that line is: “who would have told you, that gaze, that hair, is also the same”. Also he doesn’t compare her to another woman specifically, I added that to complete the line so it would make sense.

            The literal translation for the line at 20:47 would be – “Don’t go back today, listen to me!”. But when placed into the context of the episode the correct meaning would be the one I chose above.

  7. castor212 says:

    How do I use the patch?

  8. Solaristics says:

    You gonna use FUNimations subs, while using uncensored releases? for Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

  9. macxxx007 says:

    Sweet… thanks for the shotgun!

    Have a good night!

  10. Kanoto says:

    I can finally start the week right!

    Tari-tari really needs a lot of love, but not too much that you guys don’t want to part with it in the dark recesses of your basements

  11. Zero-chan says:

    How to use patch? :O

  12. Legatus says:

    Today is a great day:K-ON!Movie BD out.
    I will wait only for you,guys!

  13. H_B says:

    It must have been brought up somewhere but are you gonna do Lagrange specials and OVA?

  14. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  15. Shizuo says:

    Thank you for Tari Tari ep 3 ^^