Tasogare 13v2


“Fixes at least 15 derps” – brainchild

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12 Responses to “Tasogare 13v2”

  1. Sage009 says:

    Patch doesn’t work. The batch script screws up the filename, so it never finds the file

    • skiddiks says:

      It works for me. The script searches for “[Commie] Tasogare Otome × Amnesia – 13 [1AF81B45].mkv” so it’ll fail if it has different name.

      That, or I borked something up in the script that I’m not noticing.

      • skiddiks says:

        Wait, that x is an ‘×’; yeah, the patch won’t work cause xdelta can’t into unicode. I guess it just works for me since I created it.

        • Sage009 says:

          I figured out a workaround.
          I just copy/pasted the filename into the quotation marks in the script and it found the file

        • Are_ says:

          It does not work for people because the bat file is not in utf8 but sjis, most probably your OS is in japanese locale.

  2. Urizithar says:

    Aren’t there still some misstimed lines around ~16:10 (bathtub scene)?