T&B 21

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Apparently there’s a fuckload of errors in the script but I don’t give a shit since this took 9 hours to upload and I’m not going through that again.

Hello I am a v2 script. May not be perfect, but it’s better

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22 Responses to “T&B 21”

  1. ranmachua says:

    Does this mean there will be a v2?

    • skovacs1 says:

      lol. This reads like troll given the comments on the ep. I would like to know though, even if we’re talking in the future(batch) or something?

  2. Mizuki says:

    Are we talking translation errors or grammatical flubs?

    So long as the translation isn’t so terrible it makes me cry, I’ll live.

    • skovacs1 says:

      I didn’t see anything to worry about with the subs all that much. It was a good episode and the script captured what was being said. I am certain that you will have no reason to cry.

      • Mizuki says:

        I watched it, and outside of a line that was incomplete (which was fortunately something that I understood even without subs) and some other forgivable fudgery it was fine. I definitely would appreciate a patch if/when they get around to it, though.

  3. nosubs says:

    You can patch the shit.

  4. random says:

    Then just upload the v2 script later.

  5. km says:

    First off, THANK YOU for uploading. Secondly, I will also patiently, hopefully await your v2… ‘coz I like your awesome releases.

  6. Ward says:


  7. Jeffry Zain says:

    Please edited out the Blue Rose’s Pepsi NEX commercial. It’s just getting old (Looks exactly the same, nothing changes).

  8. Kairxa says:

    Wild Spider appeared.

  9. sportmaster says:

    So commiesh, hya.

  10. Boku no Schooldays na Kanojo says:

    ETA on Baka Test?

  11. anonternet says:

    Great episode.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  12. CXK says:

    Is there a v2 patch ready?