Teekyuu 16


herkz: :wat:

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6 Responses to “Teekyuu 16”

  1. Laxx says:

    Haha, ok .. time to switch the club.

  2. Feldzwiebel says:

    This is not Turning Girls :o

  3. Feldzwiebel says:

    :) they said if i harass you the likelyhood of it getting done will increase so … :E
    btw i don’t care when it is done just hope it will eventually be done, cause i somehow want to have a coherent batch of it, if you will drop it just write a note somewhere then i will noobishly rip with jdownloader the files from their yt channel :E

  4. Feldzwiebel says:

    oh i see you replied to my alter ego ddd already while i was writing this, so i will leave you alone then <3

  5. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Dat Danpei face.