TERA Recruitment v3

Do you have no life? Do you enjoy having little girls entertain you in the costume of your choice?

For new players:

What is TERA?

TERA is an MMORPG that lets you RP as a little girl while killing big bad monsters.

Why would I want to play TERA?

Because you’re a disgusting pedo that also enjoys challenging content. It also has the best combat system of any MMO. Mainly the pedo part though.

I’m sold, how do I sign up?

1. Make an account

2. Download the game

3. Make a character on “Mount Tyrannas”(That’s the server)

Classes in demand:
Priests (Healers, duh)
Lancers (Those are the tanks)

4. Apply for our guild, Commie Devs.
When in game, go to the “Social Menu”, go to Guild>Guilds on Server, search Commie, and apply!

Also some disgusting weaboo mods you probably want to install can be found here:

For old players:

If you’re on MT and not some kind of loot-whoring autist, feel free to join. If you’re not on MT, feel free to transfer and join. Currently we’re in need of a few priests and lancers who are consistent enough to run ABHM with, but all classes are welcome.

For retired players:

Have you quit TERA forever? Donate your account to our cause! Email me ([email protected]) your account information (make sure you turn account armor off or I’ll have to bug you). Your password won’t be changed, and you can have it back whenever you want.

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58 Responses to “TERA Recruitment v3”

  1. Faggotmore says:

    I would donate my vet account, but its in EU and belongs to failforge

  2. derpins says:

    Is this the game that ran the .levelup event a while back?

  3. Lhant says:


  4. Amerem says:

    I’ve got an account but never bother to even start the game lol maybe ill join up when I get the time

  5. Zet says:

    You know what? I just might get back into TERA. I stopped playing after release because I got bored after being in the focus test group for so long.

  6. anon says:

    what’s the dl size on this anyway

  7. sporked says:

    Hmmm…I tried returning a few months ago and found that all the BAMs were so squishy it felt like a naked lvl 1 priest could solo them. I doubt that’s changed between then and now but I’ll ask on the off chance that it has…half the fun for me was soloing them on my lancer.

    • RHExcelion says:

      BAMs were nerfed but the hardest dungeon is still hard as fuck.

      • sporked says:

        Hard as fuck best hard….I’ll give it some more thought. I’ll have to ask my KanMusu if I can take a break first though :P

  8. Joker_and_thief says:

    i would play this but it runs like shit on my toaster

  9. anon says:

    Tera has a inefficient patching method. Partially because enmasse doesn’t understand how the game works. You can’t say 25gb. I quit for like 3-4 months nad now I got 30gb of updates because I have to download the previous udpate before that. Enmasse doesn’t know how to repack the files so you have to do every update sequentially. Like Beta->v1->v2->v3->v4= Sum of the original client size + patch file size for v1,v2,v3,v4. And some files of the previous v1 v2 and v3 packs are replaced with the v4 files. Enmasse sure knows how to waste one’s bandwidth. They should fix it so we can download 1 big patch instead of several older patches to update a client to the latest version.

  10. anon says:

    I mean I’ve played on Tera since Beta, quit after WH came out and came back to find a nice 30gb patch on top of it. You can tell bbecause it has something that says something like patch 1-50,51,52,53,54 etc.

  11. johnny_dickpants says:

    rhe pls go

  12. Tristie says:

    There’s an ugly Castanic in this picture. What the hell are those things doing in this guild!?

  13. Foobar says:

    hmm.. Maybe I should give it a shot again. Does the game still have that 7 day guild join CD?

    And is there some rule which character to use for joining? I have mystic, sorc, lancer & warrior at 60 (priest at like 58 or 59), no clue what I will end up maining after coming back (mystic or sorc has the best gear out of those currently, but they are probably complete crap for current content).

  14. heirtothestar says:

    i’m just start playing at eu server…. where is the server u guys play at ? na ?

  15. Shadoxfix says:

    How long does it take for the confirmation email to arrive? (It’s been an hour now) Also, what is the ping on NA server from europe?

  16. vooma says:

    when do you guys raid
    could you tell me the time in GMT please
    dont want to start playing and level up and stuff to end up with a guild that raids when i am sleep

  17. Az says:

    I want to join but I living in asia the server you guys playing ip blocked from asia or not?

  18. bbo says:

    pedorhe, how you disabled nude havk?

  19. MissMercury says:

    You know what? I’l give it shot. Why not?

  20. Daizel says:

    can i play on EU server from latin america? if i can and you guys accept noobs then i’ll give it a shot

  21. Hollow says:

    I don’t suppose you guys care for Warrior tanks, do you

  22. Nananasu says:

    Has the new edgy loli class been added yet?
    And how’s the ping from EU?
    I might reroll a Lancer or a Mystic.

    • Shadoxfix says:

      I’ve been playing with a few friends for a few hours now. Ping from Netherlands to NA server is about 100-180 but usually around 120. Very playable.

  23. Kohiro says:

    Yeah I just started up a new account on the NA server and lvling up cleric from 1~21 in a day with those quest was a joke. It was beyond easy but it seems the pvp function is always on and there are many higher lvl that would stab you in the back when you’re on a quest.

  24. Samurai_Flamin'_gay says:

    Sure, I haven’t played an MMO in a while.

    I am going to be an adorable Popori priest.

  25. Pookson says:

    play fking blade and soul

    • Nananasu says:

      NA/INT version FUCKING WHERE

      • Anima says:

        The CN version of BnS has a majority of the game already translated into English, you just have to put up with the lag. The combat and game in general are more enjoyable than Tera also. Mostly because the players aren’t casual asshats.

        Tera isn’t even worth playing, the community is a mostly try-hards, griefers, and kids with almost no middle ground.It’s completely insufferable. Play through Corsair’s Stronghold or Kumasylum and you’ll never want to play again.

  26. TheWhiteVoid22 says:

    Does anyone knows who to bypass the Launcher is already Running error I have tried about everything and nothing seems to work.

  27. anon says:

    Instead of watching anime we play a game with guys who are supposed to be subbing anime.

  28. Synchroneity says:

    Time to make a Lancer on Mount Tyrannas. Too cheap to transfer my other one from Tempest Reach. = v=

  29. Geaux says:

    Man, I’m playing on Europe server >.<

  30. cutiepie says:

    I need to wait around some 7 or 8 days of constantly downloading. I really, really, really hope it’s worth it.

    And that it doesn’t pay 2 win or pay 2 have fun after a while.

  31. shitposter says:

    so if I were to make my first character right now and play 6 hours a day, how long do you think it will take to be useful to the guild?

  32. anon says:

    Wildstar, go!

  33. Trubo says:

    Too invested in WoW to make a switch to another mmo. Maybe if WoD is as bad for all classes as the current beta’s Warrior.

  34. BassGNT says:

    Aw I just recently quit due to the boredom of this patch but I may join just to do some daily nonsense when I’m bored (have a geared Priest/Lancer and new Mystic).

  35. ElinMasterRace says:

    love to join you guys. but i played in Celestial Hill.. @_@

  36. Urisx says:

    can low levels join