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Now with uncensored video. And no, no one knows if/when they will upload uncensored video for the rest.

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12 Responses to “TERRA FORMARS 01-03v2”

  1. anon says:

    Fuck that was soon

  2. keemeef~ says:

    finally some blood

  3. KannaBlis says:

    Fuck Censorship!
    Thank You Everyone at Commie!

  4. Tolwrath says:

    Dunno if want… I’ve pretty much only been watching this series because I needed something awful to scream at. This is seriously one of the dumbest anime I’ve seen in quite some time.

    • cptodd says:

      Not gonna lie, I kind of agree with you. The narrative style is just so damn disjointed. There doesn’t seem to be any continuity to the action. First they are fighting on Mars then they cut to the bar. A minute later they are back on Mars then 30 seconds later back in the bar. It’s infuriating.

      • Tolwrath says:

        But it’s not just that. I’m mostly annoyed by the character design, flashbacks, and naming are all pretty bad. In episode 1, they introduced us to two German characters named Adolf and Eva. Seriously?! Don’t forget UNASA; They said “it’s the future we need a space NASA, but wait NASA already has space in the name, what can we do then? U NASA!” Then there’s almost an entire episode of Sheila flashbacks, or flashbacks to completely irrelevant characters that Akari used to know (one of which looks suspiciously like Sheila, but without hairpins). Then there’s just bad logic everywhere, for example, Davis has the power of an exploding ant, which is an ant that self-destructs, which means her power lets her make other things explode…? Last but certainly not least, the cockroaches are super dumb looking. For starters, cockroaches have six legs, not four, and their antenae are nearly as long as their body. Second… just look at them, they’re really silly. No one can possibly take them, or this show seriously.

        • anon says:

          man you guys are fucking dumb, the continuity is easy to follow if you aren’t fucking stupid.

  5. anon says:

    Haven’t watched these eps yet, but I did thoroughly enjoy the censored song lyrics in the previous epiodes. Looking forward to this later Commie!

    fuk u herkz.

  6. mark02 says:

    I appreciate your work but why did you censored the lyrics of the song? I really like to know what means it

  7. bugs I says:

    Ep2, 15:46 second half of the white haired girl’s sentence seems to be missing. There is only “I’m just .”