jdp: end anti-bug speciesism today! #censorshipforbugdeathstoo

oh here’s episode 3 too since the site’s being a shit

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13 Responses to “TERRA FORMARS 03/04”

  1. Billy says:

    I’ll wait to BD release.

  2. Baltor says:

    Do I have some kind of playback error or did you really censor the opening lyrics translation? If you did, interesting idea, it fits the show, although it does not make much sense to insert text and then make it impossible to read it.

  3. Death says:

    Well uncensored would be great … hell if Horrible can do it, why not Commie? – Unless they lazy of course… I’m guessing we won’t have uncensored from here – they’re too lazy to bother – too many other animes to do this season