jdp: he knows that feel because he is that feel

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4 Responses to “TERRA FORMARS 08”

  1. cptodd says:

    I know you guys don’t have any control over the release of the non-censored episode but I find myself waiting for those. Perhaps what allows me to do so is because I haven’t really been captured by this series. Anyhow, I look forward to more uncensored episodes if and when they show up!

  2. magma says:

    That’s a strange ending. I wonder if they wanted or had to switch the song but couldn’t find a replacement.

    Btw. here in Germany nobody dares to name his child Adolf since the 50’s because of WWII and I have never heard it being abbreviated to Ado. The typical nickname is Adi (as in Adidas = Adolf Dassler). Furthermore according to Wikipedia most families here do it like mine and exchange the presents on Christmas Eve.