That Summer 3, Dog and Me 2

Ano Natsu de Matteru 3

Inu x Boku SS 2 – now featuring 100% more TLC, or something.

More after dinner.

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15 Responses to “That Summer 3, Dog and Me 2”

  1. ondi says:

    Saving e-trees with batch posts :>

  2. Ryusuke says:

    So can we expect the latest Persona 4 episode after this “dinner”?

  3. Choco says:

    ;__; .. I hope Persona 4 comes after Dinner. Also, thanks for Another Summer. You guys are the shit.

  4. Elly says:

    Awesome, thank you a bunch!

  5. Zoo says:

    still waiting for…Persona 4

  6. Rusty says:

    Fuck Persona 4. Bring out the pirates. Thanks in advance. :[

  7. ZG says:

    Lone guy waiting warmly and patiently for Fam.

  8. Alex says:

    Thank you very much c:

  9. Arisato-kun says:

    Since there isn’t any good file sharing site that offers payment anymore, if you still wanted to do DDLs, rapidshare is pretty good. I was getting 600 kb/s on it all day yesterday.

    I say this because even with new episodes, I tend to only get around 150 kb/s with torrents.

    • miniman says:

      Yep, rapidshare is even able to reach my ISP-related maximum speed of around 4MB/s.
      I would really appreciate DLLs on their server if it isn’t too much trouble.

  10. trololololo says:

    yuck, kinky…

  11. Silencers says:

    Jesus Christ on a pogo stick? What the fuck is that?

  12. Ciardra says:

    Forever waiting for Persona.