The Ancient Magus’ Bride 01


Fyurie: You should be watching this.

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26 Responses to “The Ancient Magus’ Bride 01”

  1. alberto says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    But is it any good?

  3. anon says:

    I’ll just wait for your batch after it ends.

  4. chico says:

    what’s the video source? CR? WKM? AOD?

    is this show not worth a 1080p? i feel like it’s produced above 720p, aren’t all wit productions like 950p now?

    • herkz says:

      CR and it was made at 720p

    • Fyurie says:

      If it was released at 720p, it’ll have been produced at 720p.

      Helltilt isn’t one to ignore that when encoding his shows.

      And yeah, the source is CR. The only other timely option is TV, and the stations aren’t as good as CR’s video.

  5. Velvetine says:

    Do we need to watch the OVAs prior to this?

    • iamevn says:

      No. This is a pretty straightforward adaption of the manga (at least the first few eps). The OVA is a prequel story that I think would go better after watching the first volume’s worth of anime.

    • Fyurie says:

      The OVAs give a little backstory to the series in general (at least if you’re anime-only anyways), but like the comment below mentions, they’re chronologically both before and after the start of the series.

      They’re safe to watch, honestly.

  6. Borft says:

    OVAs are set smack in the middle of this.

    Praises Commie overlords for picking up this show!

  7. iacondios says:

    Sleigh beggy???????????? If there is a deep and nuanced reason for this I would love to hear it. If only because I am more familiar with the scanlation term.

  8. domo kun says:

    is this also Commie? -> https://nyaa.si/view/970041

  9. ThePurger says:

    progress tracker lists episode 2 as all green, will it release soon? thanks for the work!

  10. brc says:

    This feels like Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Red-haired MCs never get timely releases.

    • Yoder of Kansas says:

      Feels kinda weird.
      “Must watch show of the season guys!”

      “So you’re going to release them?”

      “Absolutely not.”