The LoLH

Expect on-time releases from now on.

The Legend of Legendary Heroes 20

argilium says:
November 27, 2010 at 5:26 am (Edit)

on-time? if you could release ep 21 before derp does, then i’ll be really amazed at the comeback..

(☞゚∀゚)☞ O U

The Legend of Legendary Heroes 21


This is clearly not ours.

Also, [1A54EGH1]. Srsly, not enough :effort:  ┐( ¯∀¯ )┌

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41 Responses to “The LoLH”

  1. Dakkar says:

    Thanks. And on-time releases would be much appreciated :)

  2. Fag It says:

    meh, at least it’ll shutup the “LoLH WHERE!?!” temporarily.

  3. erejnion says:


  4. Yeahnope says:

    LOLH 21 WHERE?

  5. Mr Lucipher says:

    “Expect on-time releases from now on.”
    >Post last weeks episode.

  6. !!! says:

    Hell yes! I was just hoping to watch this today, thanks!

  7. argilium says:

    on-time? if you could release ep 21 before derp does, then i’ll be really amazed at the comeback..

    • KostaZ says:

      Owned =)

      • argilium says:

        well, what can i say? i was expecting to be amazed at the comeback anyway.. do you think i don’t have faith in these guys? of course i’m here to finally not be forced to watch derp’s release coz i like commie’s better.. hopefully, this would be consistent for the remaining 5 weeks.. plz..

  8. miszcz says:

    on time? so where is TWGOK 8??

  9. KostaZ says:

    “I’m amazed” and “WTF great work” are not enough guys! Keep it up for the 5 rest eps :)

  10. erejnion says:

    Ok, now that’s cool. Or good. Or something like that. Love ya guys.

  11. Fleppensteyn says:

    [Commie] The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – 22 [3A45AB14].mkv
    Obvious troll is obvious?

  12. Someothernigger says:

    ep21? ALL HAIL!!

  13. Blank says:

    Now just catch up with Nurarihyon and you’ll be all set.

  14. Spider says:

    now, SHIKI WHERE?

  15. Dakkar says:

    Wow, that was fast. I thought that by “on-time” you had meant within a couple days or so, but this is just an awesome pace :)

  16. Hat says:

    Oh, I see, the G in that release’s CRC is so wrong it even got bolded, the H instead is of course part of the hexadecimal system [FAIL]

  17. lol says:

    filment? really?

  18. ... says:

    > ┐( ¯∀¯ )┌

    Stop that.

  19. thesisidiot says:

    ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  20. Commander Bubble says:

    LOLH 15 WHERE??

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      released ages ago

      • Commander Bubble says:

        i never saw a post, and the page it was said ‘soon’ on never got updated.

        but it is on nyaa so ah well. guess i’ll just watch it out of order now. cool though.

  21. Suzuku says:

    Are you guys planning on doing the BDs as well?

  22. pewpewpew says:

    I love you.

  23. Vin says:

    Now, you guys were the best subber for LOLH before you started lagging behind, and now I’m getting your subs again, but really; have someone QC the OP and ED. The English is fucking horrendous.

  24. Takeshi says:

    Any progress with Heroman or is it dropped/heavily stalled?

  25. muizz93 says:

    when TWGOK will be release…..also r u guys drop nura..

  26. Mastershadow says:

    RIP Commie

  27. Cool Guy says:

    >On time releases


    Naw, I’m fucking with you.

  28. щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚☜) says:

    So can we expect 22 by tomorrow afternoon?

  29. blarg says:

    So on-time releases still come out after derp, eh?