The Lord of The Subs: The Return of Lord Aethon

aka TLoTS: TRoLA

Do you see the anagram? >>>> AT LoTS TRoL

Anyway we’ll probably be able to catch up on some shows now.

In other news Tiggerz popped up but “tiggerz was last seen here 2 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes ago.” again…

Asobi ni Ikuyo!  07

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12 Responses to “The Lord of The Subs: The Return of Lord Aethon”

  1. jet says:

    LotLH please :).

    • That_faggot says:

      Give this man what he desires.

      • Zaton says:

        I admit it, i downloaded Derp subs, cause i couldn’t wait any longer ;_; Commie’s releases are better though, imo. Derps’ ep 9 had a 0.5 sec (or less)audio-video lag, which irritated the living shit out of me.

  2. Asobi says:

    Thanks for Asobi =D

    You should embed this video in the starting post:

  3. swede says:

    >AT LoTS TRoL


    Mind blown.

  4. Brett says:

    What happened to shiki o.O

  5. ' , ' A says:

    On another note…
    Have not seen senba2 ep.07 yet…
    Wonder why…? ( >_> )

    • Zaton says:

      Cause you haven’t downloaded it ?

      • ' , ' A says:

        I meant to say…
        … Commie’s version to be exact…

        I’ve phrased mine earlier comment wrong… Goumen~ne…

        Seen it RAW & two other group’s subs…

        Can’t really say much till I view commie’s release…

  6. Fuu Yuu says:

    I just sent 10 bucks. You better donate too MoFos.

  7. anon says:

    at first i was like ” -__- ” when seeing I though title said the return of LOTH subs are out(selective reading), now i’m like ” ;__; “. thanks again commie’s. sadfrog.jpg

  8. ManteR says:

    I’m still following your release!! gambatte ne to catch, waiting for it ^______^