This is what happens when johnny doesn’t make posts

It’s fucking 3PM over there what the fuck.

I have nothing interesting to say so have an AMV that is completely off-topic.


Long live autoplay

Why the hell isn’t loop working somebody make loop work

Tiger & Bunny Pilot Video
1080p | DDL
720p | DDL

The World God Only Knows S2 – 08
Torrent | DDL

Steins;Gate – 09
Torrent | DDL

Also, hi Eggmun.

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30 Responses to “This is what happens when johnny doesn’t make posts”

  1. airco says:

    Speedsubbing at its finest.

  2. Dosky says:

    Now I want to re-watch nanoha >_>

  3. Sebastian says:

    I like how you sub it so fine. My penis is kinda fluffy after baking bread so I can’t come out to play yesterday afternoon.

    I am sorry if this has anything that involved string theory when I have no control over how many times I wanna fuck you guys.

  4. bob says:

    everytime i see a magical gal lyrical nanoha movie clip, I think “moe through superior firepower”.

  5. Niku says:

    I love the ONE line of translation in the T&B promo

  6. DJ-Slush says:

    Good song in that amv.

  7. airco says:

    For anyone who was curious about that one line in Steins;Gate:

    Dialogue: 0,0:07:29.05,0:07:32.26,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Epic fail. I better do something soon.{TL: “this guy is hopeless, i have to do something soon.”}

    • Random_name says:

      Yes, that line, and a couple of other lines later. I was wondering whether it’s some japanese image boards’ memes (probably not real ones, but they still shoud have a real prototype) or it’s just Commie’s joke, which is unlikely judging from Okarin’s reaction. So, can anyone explain those japanese memes?

  8. Fag It says:

    I do hereby pledge my undying allegiance to the motherland so long as Commie continues releasing Steins on Fridays.

    Also, I’ll pretend I didn’t see that absolutely eye-cancerous AMV.

  9. tyson says:

    RHE, I apologize for the completely random question, but do you like cookie dough?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Yeah sure why not

      …please don’t stalk me with a bucket of cookie dough

  10. waycooler says:

    Good ol’ 240p… I used to despise Youtube because of the horrible quality. I still do, really. Old habits die hard.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Yes, my first comments upon seeing this were:
      [jdp] >amv
      [jdp] >240p eyecancer

      • Arnavion says:

        But… But… it says 360p at the bottom :( Obviously you’re all jealous of Youtube’s encoding skillz.

  11. leo@uhw says:

    S;G just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the episode.

  12.   says:

    If I had to guess, it probably doesn’t loop since you have it in an iframe and not embed.

  13.   says:

    Nevermind, just tried that and it didn’t work. Your site sucks.

  14.   says:

    I lied. It did work.

  15.   says:

    Actually, if you just change the “/embed/” in the url to “/v/” it works.

  16. Peebs says:

    I came hard with that T&B video. Thanks!

  17. Yatta says:

    Thanks for Kami nomi!

  18. John says:

    now that really was some amv
    rally cool