Tiger & Bunny 15

AKA The best thing we’re releasing today.

Unfortunately I don’t have a wall of text prepared like RHExcelion did.

Also blame him for this being late:

<&jdp> rhe
<&RHExcelion> wurt
<&jdp> release tiger
<&RHExcelion> Shit’s still encoding
<&jdp> wat
<&RHExcelion> I forgot to start it
<&jdp> you faggot
<&jdp> :v
<&RHExcelion> aye
<&jdp> eta
<&RHExcelion> Maybe 45m

That was like 2 hours ago. (note: times may have been changed)

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7 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny 15”

  1. Peebs says:

    Thank you for the release. I can watch this before going to bed. XD

  2. herp derp says:

    Apparently, RHExcelion is not just any faggot. He’s a faggot. Thanks for TB btw.

  3. shark0week0 says:

    Did not need all that Barnaby-crotch.

  4. ttmuathu says:

    kawaisou, sky high wa…
    kare wa dou narimasu kana~

  5. Evian says:

    Eh, what happened to the lyrics guy? No more Japanese or cool text?
    Thanks for the release though