Tiger & Bunny 5


Torrent | DDL

Complaint checklist:
Nichijou @ Daiz
Iroha @ Daiz

Maria 03 @ ???
Maria 04 @ Encode/TL/Edit/Time/TS
X-Men @ Didn’t air last week
Deadman @ slowest .ts source possible, if you can get it to us faster then /msg RHExcelion in the channel.

Anything else?

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14 Responses to “Tiger & Bunny 5”

  1. faggot says:

    What’s the meaning of “Maria 03 @ ???”? Why is it taking so long?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      It means “I have no goddamn clue what it’s at, because no two people will give me the same answer”.

  2. Marina says:

    Thanks :)

  3. Rudo says:

    woot! thanks

  4. yisaker says:

    just drop maria holic. i get more piss off everytime u guys delay maria holic. best way to end this is drop the show.

  5. DM says:

    thx for the x men info

  6. Mekiah says:

    “Anything else?”

  7. Gaku says:

    Was it only my download (which shouldn’t happen with the way jDownloader works) or is DLL cut at 23:38, 2 seconds after Part C and before Preview even starts?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Yeah there’s some problem with the DDL version.

      If you can, get the torrent, or come on IRC and get it off the bot.

    • Elite_Soba says:

      Yeah, there seems to be a problem with the DDL. You can just run the torrent on the last bit.

  8. Horst says:

    Used the DDL and had the same problem.