To Love-ru Darkness 5

To Love-ru Darkness 5

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  1. Orothe says:

    Ok Commie, I love you, but what happened? o.0 The translations in the opening are inconsistent with the other 4 you did, and “this is will be the greatest scandal”? Did nobody proof-read this? I still love you… Just disappointed and it hurts. =(

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      oh no the song lyrics are different

      no seriously it’s a song for some porn show why do you care so much

  2. Orothe says:

    It’s just the principal of it. How can the same song have such different lyrics randomly? The level of subbing makes me doubt other translations that are done. Doesn’t that make sense? I mean, if they can mess up on something that they could literally just copy and paste from their previous works, wouldn’t it make sense to believe they could mess up on the rest of the show?

    Also, I love this anime series. That’s why I care. T.T

    • herkz says:

      implying the translator has anything do with copying and pasting the song

      implying the person who translated the song made that typo

      implying the translator who translates tlr translated the song


      • Orothe says:

        Your argument is invalid in so many ways.

        First off “has anything do with”?

        Second, I was talking about Commie, as a whole. And it is Commie who subs, which includes the translations, as well as the words that appear on the screen. So any drastic changes of meanings of the SAME words are weird, as well as any typo, coming from Commie, would ultimately be Commie’s fault. >.>

    • Xythar says:

      Holy fucking shit. Do you not have the slightest clue how song translations work?

      When a new show comes out, we start by translating the songs by ear. This process is, and this may shock you, not one hundred fucking percent perfect. So, when the songs actually get released on CD along with the official lyrics, we actually bother to go back and correct our mistakes because we believe, for some reason, that the viewer might actually appreciate having a more accurate translation instead of throwing a bitchfit on the internet like a retarded manchild about how they can’t possibly cope with the fact that the lyrics are slightly different to last week.

      The alternative would be either to never fix the lyrics or include no goddamn lyrics at all until the official lyrics come out. Would you prefer one of those? Please write your answer on a postcard and shove it up your ass because none of us give a fuck either way.


  3. Molenir says:

    For some reason, subs don’t appear when I play this episode. No idea why. I downloaded both K and Darkness at the same, both subbed by Commie. No idea why this is happening. I played with the turning subs on and off, tryed reinstalling CCCP. Use MP Classic.

    • Molenir says:

      Sorry, forgot to include, the fact that the subs for K work just fine, its only the ones for Darkness that don’t work.

    • Molenir says:

      No worries, I ripped the subs into an external sub file. The ass file didn’t work. Converted it to srt and it plays fine now. Not sure what is going on with it.

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        Dunno breh, if the problem was on our end we woulda heard about it before you said anything.