Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 17


Haidaraaaaa: there’s no railgun ep this week

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7 Responses to “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S 17”

  1. Kusu says:

    Aik troll ==

  2. DarthMaeglin says:

    Wasn’t one last week, either >.>

  3. Positron says:

    Addendum comment: blame everything on me.

  4. Parpy says:

    So is this that Endometriosis sampler episode?

  5. Thatguy says:

    Hope ep 18 wont take this long to come out.

    • Xythar says:

      There’s no Railgun this week because they aired some Index movie preview instead.

    • Positron says:

      We should be back on schedule for 18 later this week. I was away on vacation for this one and apparently I’m too good to be replaced (pfffft as if).