Tokyo Ghoul 12 END


Xythar: dammit skiddiks don’t you know that christmas is only supposed to come once a year

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22 Responses to “Tokyo Ghoul 12 END”

  1. YoshiChao says:


    Thanks for all your hard work on this series~

    Think you’ll ever release another Jojo episode, or is that too much for you guys nowadays since there’s so many SFX’s you sub lol

    Also, Monogatari S2 BD’s when?

  2. keemeef~ says:

    It must be hanukkah not christmas.

  3. peterthunder says:

    Haikyuu, next? :s

  4. Nekro says:

    Holy Shit, didn’t expect it to get that good with the last episode.

    Now i want more… Second Season confirmed?

  5. ElPsy says:

    Are u doing Gundam G?

  6. dannyboy says:

    skiddiks wanted various Christmas days for this year

  7. melloyello says:

    skiddiks pls

  8. Kyon12 says:

    Thanks Guys, but for some reason I think the torture in the manga as more gore, this one was like soft xD

  9. aqua says:

    Hi Commie! Thanks for subbing this series. QUESTIONS! First, will you do second season if it airs? Second, will you release BD version too?