Total Eclipse 2

Episode 1v2
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Episode 2


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32 Responses to “Total Eclipse 2”

  1. dingbat says:

    ok… this show… is gonna be really good or really shitty.

  2. erejnion says:

    Uh, I can’t apply the patch if I am using the latest 32bit version of xdelta ( Am I doing something wrong or just somewhere the compatibility broke? The xdelta version from the tsuritama patches works, ofc.

  3. Solaristics says:

    Are you guys doing Hagure Yuusha no Estetica? Don’t even wanna touch ShitDesu’s Release.

  4. Zombehs says:

    Any chance of releasing ATX’s uncensored version or?

  5. joeshmoe says:

    Looks like ep1v2 now has two subtitle tracks. I guess the second track is the corrected one? (“is your father still here” vs “is your father still abroad”)

  6. limabean says:

    Man, they censored this episode so much :/

  7. commiefan says:

    can anyone give me a link on how to use xdelta?

  8. Catastrophe says:

    brb, crying

    • Catastrophe says:

      still, DAT TYPE-00 (Takemikazuchi for you newfags) was sooooo fucking sexy

  9. Darkmatter says:

    I need an antidepressent after watching ep 2. lol

  10. spfleet says:

    wow, just finished the 1st episode and i must say, this is better than i expected. It reminds me of top wo nerae ova.
    gonna dl and watch ep 2 now.
    thx for the release :)

  11. =t= says:

    Now, patch for those who applied 9001?


  12. Amil Gaoul says:

    gawchhhh~~~the patching file is being an ass with me… X_x

    it keeps me on the same page no matter how many times I clicked the download, -__- the link been changed, but it still the same with me…
    so, I guess I’ll redownload the episode and get end with the attempt to have the patch instead.

    Thx guy for your hard work (^_^)b

  13. Lawrence says:

    Sorry for the noob question but, how do I apply the patch?

  14. AMg says:


    I did. I guess the patch just add another subtitle track into the first(?) one. (Probably derping about the “proper” term for TSF Pilot and other stuff)

    So, for those who are still struggling with applying the patch here’s the steps you need to take:
    1) Download the patch
    2) Download the latest xdelta (x86-32 for 32-bit and x86-64 for those who are running 64-bit Windows.)
    3) Invoke the command prompt (Win+R type “cmd”) Those who’re running on Vista & 7, you need to run your Command Prompt with Administration rights
    4) Locate where you keep your .mkv and xdelta. Advisable that you download it in drive root i.e in C, D or whatever you keep your animu if you’re not familiar with DOS command.
    E.g. If you keep in C,
    Type “C:>User\xyz>c:”
    5) Type out this exactly at it’s (for 32-bit):
    C:>User\xyz>xdelta3.0z.x86-32.exe -d -s “[Commie] Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse – 01 [8EA15F90].mkv” v9002.xdelta “[Commie] Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse – 01v2 [C175D98F].mkv”
    6)Wait until it finish.
    7)Enjoy watching it.

    Quite a gritty episode. No fancy OP and ED animation… yet. It shows how gritty it is.

  15. The Anon Mouse says:

    ugg… this is going to be a great series BUT!!!! this 2nd ep depressed me a LOT!!! i woon’t spoil anything but i hope therest of the eps arnt as ….. ye know? where can i go to bitch slap the writer(s)?… sorry for the rant but if you see ep 1 then 2 then you’ll understand… QQ

  16. Danuchiha99 says:

    You guys know that in the OP, she says clap, clap, clap, clap, break it down, then clap, clap, clap, clap, break it down, are you guys gonna add that?