Total Eclipse 21


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16 Responses to “Total Eclipse 21”

  1. Zero-chan says:

    Sankyuuuu! :3

  2. Recently says:

    Plot of this series went on a wild tangent it feels like the last 2 episodes >_>

    • AMg says:

      Human vs human vs BETA. Sounded like StarCraft to me.

      I’m guessing we gonna see Leon and Yuuya settling their old score for real in the last episode in the midst man-made BETA invasion.

  3. Nickienator says:

    ~13:00: Care

  4. macxxx007 says:

    … Yeah… this show… well regardless… THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EPISODE! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!

  5. TurboGamer says:

    Time for some Muv-Luv: Total Swag.

  6. ElDiablo says:


  7. bbo says:

    tieing their thumbs together?
    Why, that’s brilliant!

    • Catastrophe` says:

      rope is an incredibly expensive resource on the muv-luverse, they had to stop the whole wrist-tying somewhere in the 80’s.

      • bbo says:

        there was no sarcasm intended in my post, and I really like the idea because its a far lot harder to pull your arms in front and weasle out of the cuffs this way.
        And no, I have no (para)military training, so I don’t know what the current standard procedure is.
        All I know is some special response police forces use cable ties around wrists.

    • AMg says:

      I think philosophy behind it was it’s harder to loose up the bounds compare to the wrist-bound ropes especially it was done behind your back.

      In the midst of seriousness, I was Cryska, Stella and Cui boobs jingling in their plug suit. I’m ok with that kind of fanservice inserts :3