Total Eclipse 9


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15 Responses to “Total Eclipse 9”

  1. defendos says:

    holey crap nicely fast done commie love you guys :D

  2. Shawn263241 says:

    Thanks once again!

  3. macxxx007 says:

    Alas… limited time… so, thanks for episode 9 of Muv-Luv, Arcana and Jintai!

  4. Sentinal says:

    Cryyyskaa *drools*

  5. Impact says:

    Lol at the shout for the motherland.

  6. Darkmatter says:

    Bah! I thought we might finally get some dark and gritty stuff like ep 2 but instead it was mostly filled with angst.

    • gunblazer says:

      >blow 80% of the budget just on episode 2

      >still have the other 22 episodes

      …I got some bad news for ya buddy.

  7. blasterion says:

    For the motherland, Commie subs is the best

  8. Lawrence Leong says:


  9. zRedShift says:

    Silly Commie, in Russian it’s отечество, which translates to fatherland. There is no word for motherland in Russian.