Turning Girls 04


herkz: Donate to the LWA2 Kickstarter and save anime!

Video here.

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14 Responses to “Turning Girls 04”

  1. Orcus says:

    You may be surprised to learn that Turning Girls is actually the 4th season of Rozen Maiden.

  2. anonymous says:

    about to donate all my monies to based TRIGGER.

    well not all of it, but i’m going to back it with $20, about as much as i’d pay

    >paying for anime

    for watching an anime online. besides, we’re all going to download the blu-rays when they get ripped/subbed anyway.


    >$10,000 tier

    >trip to studio trigger, meet staff, all other tier kickbacks + more

    >1 backer

    someone really wants to help save anime.

  3. Laxx says:

    One stride towards a new age. Push the button.

  4. PaleBlue says:

    As of right now, they already have $194,000

    • lae says:

      The goal was hit in under 5 hours, and that was 6 hours ago…so it’s kind of tapering off right now. Almost at 200k. Time to wait for stretch goals.

      • PaleBlue says:

        I wonder how much they’d need to produce a feature length film? Or even a season of episodes? Given that even the $10,000 level rewards are sold out, I’m sure they could get the support.

  5. AverageAnimeWatcher says:

    Hopefully waiting for the release of eps 5-7 ;)

  6. brc says:

    I hope you have not forgotten about this.