Umineko 01 [gg] Remux

I’ve had some requests for a 1080p version, since gg only did 720p, since I’ve been blogging in #commie about downloading the ISO from Share, and I thought to myself: why encode when the original Blu-Ray video is flawless and isn’t *too* big.

This re-release features:
– Video directly from the BluRay Disk (NOT encoded by me)
– Audio from the BluRay Disk encoded to FLAC
– Audio Commentary from the Bonus DVD encoded to FLAC
– Subs from gg (no changes)

Enjoy the ultimate archival experience!

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8 Responses to “Umineko 01 [gg] Remux”

  1. someONE says:


  2. BlickWinkel says:

    Would it be possible to get only audio commentary track? Somehow I’m not into downloading 5gig blob only to check if there are any interesting comments on it.

  3. anon= says:

    5gb for 1 episode is the epitome of too big hth

  4. LINK says:

    nice job not releasing episode 19 btw

  5. Nigga Encoder says:

    Pure awesomeness.

    Question: Are the audio commentary really lossless/PCM on the discs? If so, awesomeness galore.

  6. cryptw says:

    It sure was!

  7. Nigga Encoder says:

    A thought just struck me. It’d be really cool if you could also do a mux of the creditless OP and ED. That is, if they’re available on the disc of course.

    Tokens of appreciation may or may not be rewarded.