Unbreakable Machine-Doll 04


skiddiks: blame faggosaurus if anything goes wrong

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  1. bbo says:

    Elitist royal faggot director: “Bitch please”

  2. Starke says:

    I have apperantly been banned from the IRC channel. Would like to inquire for a reason since so far I have not said anything on the channel and a while ago only downloaded some stuff with xdcc. My ip-address is a static one and should not be in use by any other IP’s, nor is it used for TOR or anything like that.

    Hope it can get unbanned or at least contact me why it is banned.

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks for your releases as always

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      What’s the full address?

      i.e. whois yourself

      it should look something like jdp!jdp@pdj

      (also this really isn’t the place to do this but lol can’t move comments)

  3. az says:

    Nice chapter coding.
    16:02 “on your own will” -> of your own will

  4. Starke says:

    Address may be [email protected] or as posted above (don’t really care about the IP address posted above since no ports are open on the router anyhow) if the IP address is not neccessary though please remove it.

  5. Renges says:

    Thank you for this episodes ^_^ My waiting pays off! :)

  6. dover says:

    Next week: blame dover if anything goes wrong

  7. RakkaKaze says:

    I feel like they made the storyboard for this ep starting from the second half… You can quite literally start watching from the CM break point to the end from the previous episode and not feel like you missed a single thing.

  8. shyz says:

    The timing is off on a couple of lines right before opening..

    I guess faggosaurus is to blame :/

  9. Ashikoki says:

    There is something going wrong. It appears Yaya’s pure love for Raishin is not reciprocated, despite her intense loyalty and devotion.I will blame faggosaurus for this, but I expect it to be corrected in future episodes.

  10. A says:

    You forgot to translate one sentence in the beginning.