Unbreakable Machine-Doll 05


skiddiks: blame dover if anything goes wrong

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6 Responses to “Unbreakable Machine-Doll 05”

  1. RDF says:

    skiddiks pls

    We all know you the person responsible if anything go wrong.

  2. tyson says:


    more like stalleddiks
    ( ¬‿¬)

  3. dover says:

    you thought your episode was being stalled at skiddiks but it was ME, dover!

  4. bblox says:

    Main protagonist uses holy handgrenade against mutt!
    It is somewhat effective.

  5. Echo says:

    zomg Ogura Yui = Komurasaki HNNNNGGG

    also her power and wut she says about it HNNNGGG

    and dat spin at the end HNNNGGG

    …that is all.