Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06


skiddiks: blame dover duplex aers plsoba skiddiks lae shirt faggosaurus duplex ??? Jukey if anything goes wrong

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5 Responses to “Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06”

  1. scizzer12 says:


  2. az says:

    well that subbing wasn’t immersion-breaking at all

  3. duplex says:

    Never forget.

    Living out your final days in this shithole doesn’t sound too fun, does it? {shithole’s too harsh, but cramped quarters is terrible}{i don’t see anything wrong with it *shrugemote*}{xD troll subs}{fag, you should edit too}{this is real enterprise fansubbing}{I do SOOO much already huehuheuuehuehue}{soba desu}{fag is a nigger}{wow gj {whats happening here}fucking up the script}{as if I’m not making it bad enough as-is}{ohio guys}{fag change your color jesus fuck}{negatory}{skiddiks change your color jesus fuck}{xD}{am i kawaii now}{uguu~}{>uguu>usuu}{skiddiks the editor}{we yellowsubs now} i’m gonna fuckingohiodelete evertything you niggers

  4. Shirt says:

    Nothing like a good old circlejerk on the pad.