Updates on Next Season (and other stuff)

First off, the old crap:

Shin Koihime Musou – Finished (and accepted onto BakaBT)
White Album – Waiting for the guy to do episode 14
Natsu no Arashi – We’ll do episodes 11 and 12 before the release of Duke Nukem Fo- umm… I meant SFW’s episode 4.
Letter Bee – Apparantly there’s going to be like o9k episodes of this crap, but don’t think we’ll be dropping.
Book of Bantorra – Goes for another season. Not dropping.
Weiss Survive R – Raws. Whatever. It took no effort after I got the initial IVTC sorted out. Not dropping.
Asura Cryin’ – Just working out a translation for the ED of the last episode. Then a few v2’s to correct episodes 16-whatever to use OP3/ED3 instead of OP2/ED2 (Wow, they added a fabulous splash of colour!). Also some karaoke OP/EDs that we forgot about.

Shit I’m doing with other groups:
Sora no Otoshimono – Encoded and it’s in Nekomimi’s part of the pipes
11eyes – Apparantly there’s some audio problem and I’m not bothering to check it until everything else is done.

And FINALLY… … … NEXT SEASON!!! CR has announced some stuff, and this post will be updated to reflect it.

Cobra The Animation – OK, this is confusing as crap and I wakaranai what’s going on. I *THINK* this is what’s happening. It has 3 distinct parts.

Psychogun – Airied last year some time. No .ts on Perfect Dark, but there seems to be subs and raws of it on TT. Not bothering to do it.
Time Drive – Subs and raws on TT. Aired October 2009. .ts could be located on PD and are currently downloading. MIGHT encode it.
“” (No “stuff” after the name) – 13 episodes airing this winter season. Will do first episode then decide whether to drop.

Durarararararararara/lalalalalalalalalala – No idea what it is, but seems to be quite popular, so as usual, will do first episode then decide whether to drop or not.

Chu-bra – No idea either. Doing the usual checking first episode thing, but the capper “noted my terrible taste for doing it”, so I’m guessing this will turn out pretty bad (leading to drop).

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5 Responses to “Updates on Next Season (and other stuff)”

  1. bob says:

    nice site, just wanted to visit and say hi and happy new years, got some of your work on my computer i think, didn’t know about chu-bra, just read about it and seems interesting (love the ecchi genre by the way), anyways will probably be keeping up with it from your group, and also wanted to ask where would one go to find out what new anime is airing this season? again happy new years and great work so far

  2. sage1210 says:

    I hope some one (or some group) will subs Sora no Otoshimono DVD.

    TV version has a lot of blocked and skipped.


    About Cobra, Are you guys have a conclusion about it or not ?

    If you continue I will follow, if you not I will throw it to hell hole.

    • cryptw says:

      I’ll decide when Sankaku Complex (or some other site) releases comparison screenshots between the TV and DVD version.

      Yes, Cobra is dropped.