Usakame 02

ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ

herkz: this episode of bakuon was pretty good

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11 Responses to “Usakame 02”

  1. Anon says:

    Going to an Earthsomething concert with herkz.

  2. Jesus says:

    Thank Herkz the previous ending was a placeholder. It was really jarring.

  3. Cezar says:

    herkz in anime when

  4. El Espaniol says:

    What kind of slow Teekyuu is this?

    I liked this episode better

  5. chikvn says:

    For a few secs I thought they learned their lesson and stop the fking shit from eps 1.
    Turn out I was wrong.
    Note to whoever going to watch this *stop after the ED part, don’t continue, trust me*

  6. Not end of the world if a seiyuu or idol pops up just to say “hey, a performance is coming up, come watch”… I actually found it cute.

    Still, as for the episode… This is weirder than Teekyuu. I dunno why.

    • chikvn says:

      Haha sorry I went too far with it.
      But 3D thingie still sucks ;….;

      • Coburn says:

        Well, I can understand that you may be happily watching an anime and then suddenly some recording of J-Pop idol group comes on and it’s jarring.

        TBQH I got jarred as well, but then I was like “Ah, it’s an advertisement…”

  7. Nag says:

    This pleases my eyes.
    tnx herkz