Usakame 08


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6 Responses to “Usakame 08”

  1. Todor says:

    Hey, any plans to sub Girls und Panzer der Film?

  2. TeruMoko says:

    Oh hell “Three of spades” totally clenches my heart every time! Yes I know the series is done but I’m going to leave this secret message because I love Nishi-Nishi so much!
    Yeah I’m totally trash for Nishi/Ayako! Like seriously! Anyway I really hope there will be more Usakames!

  3. TeruMoko says:

    I think somehow I’ll survive. Thanks I’m so happy you have love for this series!

  4. TeruMoko says:

    Crap this was supposed to be for ep5. I blame Nishi for turning my brain to mush… :O