Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ 02


torn: sup
Fyurie: is this what hentai with a budget looks like
skiddiks: sorry for the delays. how could I say no to this face? https://twitter.com/_skiddiks_/status/655528287905665025
Sunako: clusterfuck
skiddiks: oh yeah, retconning Welter to Werther because that’s probably right

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18 Responses to “Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ 02”

  1. rhino says:

    skiddiks, you friend looks like the biggest fukboi ever.

  2. Kenkimaru says:

    The episodes from 2 onwards are censored right?

  3. Gaskmakir says:

    Awsome stuff this anime <3

    Thanks for the release

  4. reddawn says:

    thanks again for the sub

    Will you also be releasing an uncensored version later?

  5. Dri says:

    Commie’s are uncensored as they don’t use Funi’s stream but rather ATX.

  6. fideleo says:

    Now I have to watch this at work all cause skiddiks had to screw his bf on his birthday. Thanks for the release, tho.

  7. gsenjou says:

    Anime continues to be saved

  8. Havok says:

    Love this show, especially love the OP too! Thanks god for Commie and uncensored RAW… BANZAI!

    Thanks for the release!!

  9. Badboll says:

    dang pinkhair is a vile bitch lol. The pacing in this show is wayyyy too fast, but i guess its just a fan service show anyway

  10. T Revor says:

    Alright! My uncensored, perverted, lesbian-oriented, borderline-X, Asian cartoon gets finally released with English subtitles!

    Ty ty.

  11. Wreck says:

    Could you pick up Heavy Object?
    We don’t have any decent release for Index v2…

  12. Altaria-chan says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH COMMIE. Whoever decided to sub this top-tier show (i’m not being sarcastic here, i really love this show because reasons) , is an awesome fellow.

    I really hope you won’t drop this because this is one of the few shows that i’m excited for/looking forward to every week.

    You’re the only subgroup i’m waiting for Valkyrie. BASED commie saves the day again :D