X-Men 03

some derp here

some more derp about how it’s 7am here

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16 Responses to “X-Men 03”

  1. Positron says:

    Too late for amerifags, too early for eurofags.

    Fuck yeah X-Men.

  2. Niku says:

    Comment derp

  3. Ruckus says:

    You guys fucking rock.

  4. cuack says:

    and Maria+Holic Alive Episode 2?

  5. sage says:

    For an SD release, your encodes are awfully bloated.
    I’ll pass.

    • KKRais says:

      Since was was ~220 MB “bloated” for an 848×480 h.264 encode of a show with high detail and movement?

      XviD would need about 350 MB to look that decent.

    • tt says:

      nice comment!
      good contribution!

  6. Boss says:

    Thanks for the quick subs but this show sucks compared to Wolverine anime. Im sick of anything to do with phoenix.

  7. tt says:

    good reply! A+!

  8. Immortal says:

    Still waiting on Maria+Holic Alive Episode 2. Why waste time on shit like X-Men?

  9. Misha says:

    On what planet is a 215 mb SD encode bloated? What would you prefer, 60 mb rmvbs? Get real, dude.

  10. Todd Decker says:

    For the record, and I know this might make some people’s head explode, even the old X-Men and Wolverine comics from the 80’s when they were in Japan made extensive use of Japanese honorifics and terms. ^_~

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      We’ve been late on X-Men. Tiger & Bunny ran into some problems so it’ll be late.

  11. LOL says:

    What the hell are you waiting to do Maria Holic Alive 2 D: ?