X-Men 11

I really really love how when it’s time to work on Tiger and Deadman everyone just fucking vanishes. But when it’s time to work on Lotte? Shit, gotta get that out in 2 hours.

Thanks, guys. Really.

But enough of this passive-aggressive whining, here’s some animu.

Torrent | DDL

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25 Responses to “X-Men 11”

  1. Horo says:

    I’ve been bitching about this for weeks. :|

  2. Dexil says:

    Will commike do the blu-ray of maria holic? :P

  3. airco says:

    I know that feel. ( ´_ゝ`)

  4. PickleSmoocher says:

    TWGOK where?

  5. Rangus says:

    maybe dickpants, you should work with people who can be professional on the internet.

    • airco says:


      >On the internet

      ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  6. Eternal_lurker says:

    Awwh, not cool. :|

    Thank you for X-heroes anyway, plus early thank you for Sponsor!Heroes and Deadman!Heroes.

  7. Oni Me no Link says:

    What were you expecting? Lotte has pedobear’s seal of approval.

    While only outcasts and renegades like me want to see Deadman Wonderlad.

    So i ask you.


    • PaleBlue says:

      Since Lotte takes place in the “Beast Realm” I keep expecting pedobear to make a cameo appearance in the background…

  8. Derp says:

    Enough Loli rubbish please. Move on to the good stuff.

  9. Ztick says:


  10. ahegao says:


  11. Anon says:

    Commie is dropping the ball on so many series this season that they are just losing while obscure(but good) fansub groups are gaining a decent following

  12. Klownzie says:

    Come on C-Men! Where’s my T&B? :(

  13. Tim says:

    I appreciate the work you guys do and I don’t mind waiting for your quality releases. Keep up to good work.

  14. wut says:

    since when do people care about lotte; just hurry with T&B please

  15. TB says:

    you guys know that you can get the torrent for T&B and DMWL right right (yes the commie versions) They’re uploaded to nyaa.eu, but the posts for them havent been made yet