X-Men 12

The end.

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12 Responses to “X-Men 12”

  1. anonymous says:


  2. PickleSmoocher says:

    What’s with the delays with Steins and TWGOK? Are the translators working or something?

  3. FullmetalPhysicist says:

    Steins;Gate where you fuckers?

  4. Sword of Retribution says:


  5. erejnion says:

    Ok, hear me, I have a genius idea!!! No, really, you haven’t heard a better one ever!

    So, like, Tai is 10 episodes behind on Maria already, so, like, he should TOTALLY do karaoke on the A Channel opening! Wouldn’t it be awesome? It would be awesome. It needs to be done, and, well, while I am still waiting for Maria… um… ;_; … yeah, let’s continue this joke some other way. So, and, well, Tai, stall Maria some more so that you do that karaoke! Nao!

  6. DM says:

    many thanks for encoding/subbing this series :)