xxxholic rou adayume

I actually have no clue what to put here. Told johnny to make the post but he went to sleep instead. ( ¯‿¯)

<card|sleep> rhe or johnny at least put a nice pic of xxxholic on the webpost
<card|sleep> it looks too bare

Torrent | DDL

Fun fact: Daiz swore he would get Dragon 10, 11, Zombie 10, and asobi finished today.
We told him 20 times on separate occasions to work on asobi.

It’s 4am here and he has yet to do any of those. ( ¯‿¯)

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11 Responses to “xxxholic rou adayume”

  1. aww ._. says:


    poor lil’ one D:

  2. Mr Lucipher says:

    Time to break out the whip and choke chain?

  3. erejnion says:

    Daiz, keep it up! It’s still today until you go to sleep, or at least until most other people go to sleep (again).

    Also, a sad and lonely [Doki] file is staying in F:\Koreha\, but I prefer not to open it. I would really appreciate it if you save me from this perilous situation. Just sayin’, don’t feel like I am unsuccessfully trying to pressure you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    fucking daiz work on asobi ni already adasfdsfs

  5. where says:

    the fuck is that scene ? it is in this ep. or in other?

  6. macxxx007 says:

    huh… ooookay… good to know(?)

  7. Marina says:

    What the fuck, indeed.

    Thanks for the release~

  8. nx6 says:

    Boo. Didn’t you guys use that pic in an earlier xxxHolic post?

  9. Luna Blanca says:

    deseo quiero saber que paso kimiro-kun???