Yama no Susume Second Season 05


herkz: Remember when CR was going to simulcast this? Good times.

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6 Responses to “Yama no Susume Second Season 05”

  1. RedHawk02 says:

    Hey herkz, I’m trying to convert Yama no Susume episode 2 to mp4 using a program called StaxRip but it always crashes. I don’t remember the exact error message but it said something like profile high 10 @3.2
    Can you help me with the problem here?? I think I found a way to work around it but it requires using 2-3 other programs and that’s more work than I would like.

  2. Petoyusa says:

    Thank you Skiddiks! #SkiddiksSavesSummer
    You are a great man doing great thing for not that great people. Don’t forget these words: You are a hero. You will be the man of the century. Here in Germany I’m going to found a skiddiks fan club, so no one will ever forget you. You are the savior!

  3. Anon says:

    Once again, thanks a lot Southrop, Skiddiks and Haidara, luv u all.

  4. Yama no Nanashi-san says:

    Episode 6 fucking where?