Yoru no Yatterman 03


Torn: Back from Apex. Time for some Chinese cartoons.

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11 Responses to “Yoru no Yatterman 03”

  1. Torn says:

    omg thx xd

  2. Anon says:

    dat doronjo doe

  3. rakaosd says:

    “They’re already torn apart, so I might as well burn ’em.”

  4. TheDude says:

    I can’t extract the subtitle even with a subtitle extracter…

  5. Dylan21 says:

    Thanks for the release. Are you still going to sub Tsukimonogatari?

  6. Schezza says:

    where is the webm when you want one !

  7. Xavier says:

    How was Apex, Torn? Were you there for Melee or are you a more HOO HAA kind of guy?

  8. Pedro Paulo says:

    Thanks…. ^_^