>panzerfahren is official


<jdp> how does it feel fnord
<fnord> legitimately heroic

>/a/’s face when

>fnord’s face when

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30 Responses to “>panzerfahren is official”

  1. aers says:

    movie where
    s2 where
    s3 where

  2. kaa says:

    Time that you guys sub the OVAs!

  3. Kyhz says:

    Fnord is my hero.

  4. 8910 says:

    10.5 subs where
    OVA subs where
    BD release where

  5. poke says:

    OVA where

  6. stgmefly says:

    g fucking g

  7. Hairy says:

    But the author doesn’t know English, so how can we trust them to translate the title of the show?

    I thought you made that perfectly clear yourselves when you changed the English title of Shingeki no Kyojin. I’m disappointed that you used the actual title, rather than flaunting your creative writing skills once again.

    • Xythar says:

      It’s not the title of the show. You’re retarded.

    • fnord says:

      I honestly don’t understand what this is supposed to mean. The words are there, though.

    • airco says:

      No, see, the author used the same term that we happened to use. Since we’re always right, that means the author is in the clear, too. It’s pretty simple when you think about it.

  8. Communard says:

    Eat shit m/a/ggots.

  9. bbo says:

    Panzerfahren? But they’re fighting!
    Panzerfahren would be a race to the finish line, what you should use is “Panzerkampf”!

  10. motu says:

    “Panzerfahren would be a race to the finish line,” I am German and I tell you: You’re full of shit!! “Panzerfahren” means “tank driving” just like “Autofahren” means “driving a car” and “Fahrradfahren” means “riding a bicycle”.

  11. skiddiks says:


  12. Laxx says:

    “Panzer vor!” is the only proper response here

  13. abc says:

    so what does that actual article say?

  14. Flush Me says:

    Would have been hilarious if the seiyuu also would have used this.

    • Psyme says:

      >tfw thinking of all the people who thought shit like “tankery” and “tank kwon do” would fly getting butthurt over this

      • Chinpo Misete says:

        Ugh, “tankwondo”. That name really sets off my autism. Tankwondo sounds too “Korean-flavored” to me. It feels as if COREA STRONG people are trying to promulgate usage of that word.

  15. mtm says:

    not even sure what the article means.
    new season? or movie? i see new characters but that’s about it.

  16. Nazaren says:

    I was confused for a moment, as I thought it meant panzerfahren would now be practiced by real high schools… slight disappointment.

    Cool news, though. It is my preferred term.